Active travel at Plasdŵr


Cardiff Council is encouraging people to use their cars less often and opt for more sustainable modes of transport instead. Eventually, the aim is for half of all journeys in Cardiff to be made sustainably with only half made by car.

From the very beginning, the masterplan for Plasdŵr has been underpinned by this transport strategy and a commitment to active travel. Transport is a priority for Plasdŵr and has been carefully considered throughout the planning process.

For residents at Plasdŵr, walking and cycling will be the easiest ways to get around, followed by using the bus. A carefully planned network of footpaths and cycleways will run through the development, making it easy for people to get from their homes to local facilities and into the centre of Cardiff without having to get in their cars.

When Plasdŵr is complete, three super cycleways will run through the development. These will connect Plasdŵr with the rest of Cardiff, linking to the Ely, Taff and the new Plasmawr trail, which is being created as part of the masterplan.

Cycle paths will be a mixture of segregated and shared, depending on what’s possible within the existing transport infrastructure. Beyond Plasdŵr, Cardiff Council’s plan is for these cycle paths to connect with existing infrastructure, linking communities together and making it easier for people to cycle around the city.

Traffic congestion is an issue for Cardiff as it grows and both transport infrastructure and active travel are fundamental to supporting that growth. People will still need to use their cars, and cars will, of course, have a place within Plasdŵr. But, by putting active travel at the heart of the Plasdŵr masterplan, we will make it easier for people to travel sustainably.

Outline plan showing potential walking and cycle routes within Plasdŵr, subject to change.