Canol Plasdŵr/Plasdŵr Centre

Plasdŵr’s dynamic central district set within Groeswen will be a key part of Plasdŵr’s sustainable community, offering all its residents everything they need on their doorstep as well as being a great place to visit.

As well as being a place to live in convenient apartments, this will be the place where residents from all five neighbourhoods and visitors will come together to work, play and socialise among its shops, bars, cafes, food store, restaurants, healthcare and other community facilities.

Focused around a central square with strong urban architecture and ample meeting and seating spaces, it will also be home to the main transport hub for getting around the whole of Plasdŵr and beyond. Plentiful bike racks and a carefully planned network of pedestrian, cycle and bus routes will connect with all five neighbourhoods and the surrounding communities.  Land is reserved for a station on a future metro line to Creigiau and Talbot Green if it is provided in the long term.

Complementing its contemporary, urban style will be reminders of its agricultural heritage including, water features and extensive planting as well as Plymouth Park, a green escape from the hustle and bustle.

With offices, retail units and community spaces planned, this is the perfect place for businesses and healthcare providers looking to set up in a key Cardiff community. Work is currently expected to begin within the next 10-15 years.