Over the next approximately 20 years up to 7,000 households will form Plasdŵr which has been planned as a thriving, sustainable community where people can learn, work, socialise, play and lead healthy and fulfilling lives for generations to come.

The facilities residents and visitors will share are a vital part of bringing this vision to life Plasdŵr will have a main centre plus three local centres, each with their own distinctive character and each with a central square and primary school.

Each area will be designed to foster community spirit and pride, with plenty of open space and natural features, public art and strategically located statement buildings. Central squares, schools and offices, play areas and sports grounds will be among the natural places to gather.

Some areas will be characterised by their heritage woodland or rolling countryside, while the more urban, central districts will feature wide boulevards, bars and cafes, with shops and restaurants peppering their pedestrianised squares.

As it develops Plasdŵr will also support local infrastructure through investment in adjoining transport, community facilities and businesses.

We are 100% committed to being a good neighbour in every way we can, by building meaningful local relationships, investing in Plasdŵr’s local integration, and striving to keep inevitable disruption to a minimum. For more information see our neighbours page.