Plasdŵr will be an outstanding place to live, learn and work in and to visit, and a community its people and our capital will be proud to call their own. Its scale – a community of up to 7000 households set over a 900-acre greenfield site taking shape over the next 20 years -requires a very detailed plan.

Very detailed information on how Plasdŵr will look and feel is contained within the Design Code and the Strategic Green Infrastructure Management Strategy (SGIMS), which work together to establish clear and coherent design principles.

The Design Code outlines how the architecture and the landscape will create the character of each of Plasdŵr’s five neighbourhoods, from street layouts, building formations, colour palettes and materials, to walls and hedgerows, planting choices and the protection of wildlife habitats and species.

The SGIMS contains more detailed information on the design, establishment, management and monitoring of the natural features across the whole of Plasdŵr.

It summarises the key findings of the landscape, ecology, arboriculture, heritage and drainage studies that have been carried out on the site, and shows how these findings plus a ‘biodiversity by design’ approach have informed the masterplanning and design of Plasdŵr.

These documents are available to read in full at