PlasdwrHighways updates

From Monday (1st March), as part of our improvement works along Llantrisant Road, we will be removing some private hedgerows along the northern boundary of Llantrisant Road and the western boundary of Clos Parc Radur.

To minimise disruption, the majority of this work will be completed from the fields.

These, and all hedgerows and trees removed as part of the development of Plasdŵr, will be replaced on a one-for-one basis across the site. Any necessary tree and hedgerow removal will be undertaken under the supervision of our specialist ecology advisors.

We’re very conscious of local wildlife and consider both bird nesting season during the spring/summer, and hibernation season during the autumn/winter, when planning the activity. We will have ecologists on site at all times, and no hedgerows will be removed if they find any evidence of birds nesting. If, at any time, a nest is found, we will stop the activity and resume once the birds have fled.

Planning permission has been permitted for this activity.

*These timescales are correct at the time of writing.