Plasdŵr proposes a main centre plus three local centres, each with their own distinctive character and each with a central square and primary school.

The main centre:

  • will provide the majority of employment opportunities
  • will be the main retail centre, with a range of large and smaller stores to serve Plasdŵr and its neighbouring communities
  • will have a central square with a community building plus shops, cafés and a pub
  • will have parking behind the central square so that walking, cycling and public transport dominate the central area
  • will link to the area’s ancient woodland and other landscaped areas for easy access to outdoor activity
  • will be on the eastern side of Plasdŵr

Each of the local centres will be characterised by a different type and range of facilities:

  • The northern local centre will be the smallest, and will have a small convenience and commercial area dominated by the primary school. Its smaller square will be primarily residential, and the centre will link to a children’s play area
  • Central to the southern centre, the listed buildings at Pentrebane Farm will be restored to become a commercial farm shop or community hall. This area will contain a walled garden and allotments, and generally retain an agricultural/country park feel with a link to St Fagans to be explored. There will be smaller, bespoke retail and community facilities and public transport will take residents and visitors directly to its pedestrianised square
  • The western local centre will be characterised by the ancient woodland which will come right into the square, which will also house the community hall, primary school and commercial premises. Public transport will take people to the retail edge and the centre will link to the south cycleway. Plasdŵr’s secondary school will be here and will share the community hall while also providing quality sports facilities for the community. A cycling and pedestrian link through the woodland will connect to the large centre in the east. This area is designed to be flexible to allow for further future expansion if required.

For more detail on Plasdŵr’s layout, please see Section 4 of our Design and Access Statement in the Planning section.