Plasdŵr has been designed to make walking, cycling and public transport the easiest ways to get around: footpaths, cycle routes and roads have been carefully designed to take you through every neighbourhood, to schools, parks, playing fields, the town centre and transport connections safely and easily.

You’ll find miles of criss-crossing footpaths and cycleways, wide pavements and pedestrianised areas, helping you get to wherever you need to be quickly and easily and take in the surroundings along the way.

Three new super cycleways will run through Plasdŵr, connecting to the Taff Trail and the Ely Trail, and regular buses will mean it will be easy to connect between bus and rail, and bus and bicycle.

The main thoroughfare within Plasdŵr is called the Rhodfa, which connects the five neighbourhoods, and the Mynedfa, which join with the transport links in the surrounding areas.

Their character and configuration will change so that they move and flow according to the natural topography and to reflect the distinct nature of each individual neighbourhood, through elements such as tree species and planting.

The Rhodfa will also feature safe walking and cycling provision, including widened pedestrian footpaths and segregated cycle lanes, as well as traffic calming sections to support walking, cycling and public transport as the best ways to get around.

A new cross-Cardiff light rail/tram line is proposed as part of the new South East Wales Metro system. This would potentially link Talbot Green and Creigiau with the City Center and would include a route through Plasdŵr, and three proposed stops at Plasdŵr West,  Plasdŵr East, and Waterhall.