Characterised by plentiful open public spaces, Plasdŵr takes its inspiration from the garden city movement, principles of “fresh air, sunlight, breathing room and playing room”.

Combining the very best of town and country, its entire layout is led by the natural topography and ecology, with original streams, ponds and hedgerows preserved along with their indigenous wildlife.

Encompassing around 400 acres of green space, natural features will form an integral part not just of its aesthetic but also of community life at Plasdŵr, providing the most stunning backdrops for walks, bike rides, picnics and play.

Two community allotments are proposed, as well as eight playgrounds, two destination play areas and two outdoor teen facilities such as a skate park or BMX park. All homes will be within walking distance of play areas and sports pitches or kickabout areas. This is just a snapshot of the community facilities that will be available at Plasdŵr .