PlasdwrHighways updates

From Thursday (27th February) we’ll be cutting back some hedgerows along Clos Parc Radur, from the roundabout on Llantrisant Road along the western side of the carriageway, to the bridleway entrance just before the entrance to Plas Y Mynach.

This is to allow us to start creating two new junctions along Clos Parc Radur, which will lead into the new Plasdŵr development.

The hedgerows will be reduced to around one metre high and thinned for now, ahead of removal later in the year, to avoid birds nesting in them before we start work.

These, and all hedgerows and trees removed as part of the development of Plasdŵr, will be replaced on a one-for-one basis across the site. Any necessary tree and hedgerow removal is undertaken under the supervision of ecologists.

*These timescales are correct at the time of writing.