HGV update


Preventing HGVs from using Heol Isaf illegally to access Plasdŵr sites is an ongoing focus for our development team, site teams and community liaison manager, Katie Powis.

We understand from ongoing conversations with members of the local community and Radyr Road Safety Group that residents are naturally concerned that an increasing number of developments in the area will lead to an increase in HGV traffic.

The steps we’ve taken so far, while not eradicating the issue, have had a positive impact and we’re determined that will continue. This has been achieved with the support and input of the Radyr Road Safety Group, which we are grateful for, and which fed into our installation of 22 new road signs on the approach to Heol Isaf from both directions instructing HGV traffic to use alternative routes.

These conversations also led to us paying forward a Section 106 contribution of £300,000 earmarked for improvements to Heol Isaf. Our belief is that our suggested road layout, and a 20mph speed limit, will further discourage HGVs heading to all local developments – not just Plasdŵr sites – from using this route illegally.

Our site teams continue to monitor all deliveries, speaking with drivers when they arrive on site and issuing leaflets reminding them of the weight restriction on Heol Isaf. There are also measures in place to log registration plates, making it possible for us to check whether reported HGVs were heading to any of our sites.

While the positive impact of these actions means the majority of HGVs reported to us are not heading to Plasdŵr sites, we want to reassure the local community that we will continue in our efforts as more developers come on board at Plasdŵr. Specifically, we’re working to establish a forum to ensure all our sites work together to prevent HGVs from using Heol Isaf illegally.

In the lead-up to the three-week closure of Llantrisant Road from July 22nd, Redrow wrote again to all its contractors and supply chains to remind them the weight restriction will still be in place on Heol Isaf and to use the designated alternative routes. During the closure, there will be no temporary traffic lights associated with Plasdŵr in place on Llantrisant Road.

We do however understand the frustration and concerns of members of the local community who still see HGVs using Heol Isaf illegally.

Katie Powis meets regularly with the Radyr Road Safety Group, South Wales Police and local councillors, and attends PACT meetings, to hear concerns and discuss what more we can do. We want to assure the local community that this remains a priority we’re continuing to address.