HGVs on Heol Isaf


The increased development along Llantrisant Road and beyond has seen an increase in the reported use of HGVs using the B4262, including Heol Isaf. As well as being illegal, this is totally unacceptable, as is the distress it is causing local residents.

While we cannot enforce the law, we have taken and are continuing to take steps to prevent it being broken by those delivering to Plasdŵr  sites. Our developers and contractors are reminding their suppliers and subcontractors’ suppliers daily, at every opportunity, to not break the law by travelling through Radyr. To be clear, they are not, as has been suggested, directing HGVs to use that route.

We have printed notices which the teams are giving out to all drivers delivering to our sites and with Alun Griffiths who are undertaking the Llantrisant Road works. The leaflets tell drivers not to use Heol Isaf and that they comply with the Plasdŵr Construction Environment Management Plan. They also advise that the local authority and police are patrolling the area and ask that drivers use an alternative legal route to Heol Isaf.

We have also installed signage to supplement the existing highways road signage reminding any traffic to or from our sites that no access is permitted along that route. This issue is a key priority for our community liaison manager who will also be looking to establish a forum including our and other local developers to liaise with the police and local authority and discuss what more can be done to stop this.

Our view is that the illegal use of the B4262/Heol Isaf would be significantly reduced by the introduction of traffic calming measures. As part of the planning permission for Plasdŵr via the Section 106 agreement, we will be making a financial contribution to the local authority’s future improvements to Heol Isaf. Also as part of this, we have submitted recommendations on these improvements which include the introduction of raised tables, new footways, controlled crossings and zebra and pelican crossings. However, the final solution and timings of these improvements are the responsibility of the local authority highways department.