PlasdwrHighways updates

We are continuing to progress works along Llantristant Road, Clos Parc Radur and Pentrebane Road.

Llantrisant Road

The current infrastructure works on Llantrisant Road are expected to be completed by the end of October. On completion, the new road layout will be applied with signalised junctions operational where Llantrisant Road meets Heol Isaf and Clos Parc Radur. All temporary lights will be removed at this point.

Road resurfacing works will continue throughout September along the western part of Llantristant Road including the creation of footpaths and final finishings to the main road. A final health and safety audit has been provisionally booked for early October, with a final tidy-up taking place during the middle of October.

We would like to thank residents for their patience and cooperation during this time and apologise for the delay. Our contractors were faced with road surface and drainage issues as a result of the bad weather throughout July which has had an impact on timescales.

Temporary fencing on Llantristant Road

Temporary fencing around the pond near the Heol Isaf junction will be removed by early September in time for the opening of Ysgol Gynradd Groes-wen Primary School.

Although infrastructure works at this junction are complete, landscaping works are still taking place and the fencing remains in place for health and safety reasons.

Fencing will remain in place on other parts (further up the Llantristant Road) to ensure a safe working area for contractors until the western works are fully complete.

Clos Parc Radur

The temporary lights at the junction of Clos Parc Radur and Maes Y Haf have been removed and the infrastructure works have been finalised.

From Wednesday 30th August, three-way lights have been placed at the junction south of Heol Rufus while our contractors undertake final resurfacing works. These works will take approx. two weeks to complete.

The lights are manually controlled during the morning and evening rush hour periods and are monitored throughout the day from 7am – 6pm, seven days a week, to minimise any delays.


Our contractors have now started preparations for infrastructure improvements on Pentrebane Road. They are currently moving soil from Llantrisant Road to store in the fields off Pentrebane Road which will be used to raise the level of the roads and to ensure the ground is as smooth as possible. These preparatory works began on August 7th and are expected to take 8-10 weeks to complete.

Works on Pentrebane Road are currently expected to begin in early 2024, timings TBC. We will continue to communicate any further updates through our website and Twitter page.

If there are any emergencies relating to any of the above infrastructure works, you can contact our contractor, Walters, at waltersplasdwrteam@walters-group.co.uk  or for any issues with temporary lights please contact our traffic management provider on 01633 853300.

*Timescales are correct at time of writing.