Leaving the lights of London for Cardiff’s Garden City: Sarah and Andrew’s story


Moving into a new home brings new beginnings and new memories. In 2020, despite the setbacks of the pandemic, 74 families became a part of Plasdŵr’s growing community, moving into their new homes in the garden city.

Sarah and Andrew Letters, both 32, were some of the first residents to move into Cwrt Sant Ioan last October. Here’s what they had to say about why they bought a house at Plasdŵr.

“My husband, Andrew, and I had been living in London for six years, but we decided after getting married we’d like to relocate and start a family. I’m from Pentyrch, and Andrew’s from Northern Ireland. We’ve known for a while we’d like to bring our children up near their grandparents, so buying our first home together in Cardiff was the right choice for us.

“We were attracted to Plasdŵr straight away. Our friends had already moved into Parc Plymouth and had recommended the area. We’d looked at a few of the developments and decided the house at Cwrt Sant Ioan was our favourite. Five months after moving into our new home, it’s already exceeded our expectations.

“Before making our decision, we did a lot of research on the plans for Plasdŵr. Knowing what it’s going to become sold it for us. Although we’ve moved into Plasdŵr in the early stages, and we know it will take time to fully develop, we’re looking forward to watching it grow.

“There are a few things which stood out to us at Plasdŵr. The first was the development of four primary schools and a secondary school. Our daughter, Isla, is only 18 months, but we’re already thinking about schools and hope she’ll be able to go to the first primary school at Plasdŵr when it’s finished. We’re looking forward to seeing her grow up here and build friendships with other local children.

“The focus on green space is another thing we loved. The houses at Cwrt Sant Ioan all have decent sized gardens but knowing around 40% of Plasdŵr is planned as green space is fantastic. We enjoy going for walks and there are plans for a number of parks, playgrounds and woodlands for us to visit and enjoy without having to drive for miles.

“We’re living in a 3-bed terraced house, and it’s perfect for us, but we’ve already had a chat about what we’ll need as our family grows. The range of houses which will become available as the development progresses will give us the option of staying in Plasdŵr. We can’t see ourselves living anywhere else at the moment.

“When we were living in London, we got used to having everything on our doorstep. Plasdŵr is quieter than the hustle of the city, but close enough to the centre of Cardiff that we can catch easily catch a bus into the city. We’re looking forward to Canol Plasdŵr/Plasdŵr Centre being built and having shops, restaurants and other facilities on our doorstep. As we both work outside Cardiff, Plasdŵr’s closeness to the M4 corridor is also a bonus for us.

“Moving into our new home at Plasdŵr was delayed slightly with restrictions last year, but we’re so glad we can now enjoy being part of this new community. We’ve already met most of our neighbours online, but we’re looking forward to getting to know them better… hopefully over a few barbecues in our garden this summer.”