Local road safety update: 22 October 2018


Our efforts to ensure that Plasdŵr suppliers and subcontractors do not travel to our sites along Heol Isaf are continuing.

We installed 22 new signs on 18th September – larger ones and smaller reminders on lampposts. These were prepared in consultation with the Radyr Road Safety Group, the local Cardiff Councillor and the Vice Chair of the Radyr and Morganstown Community Council. They certainly can’t be missed but we continue to monitor deliveries daily and work with our suppliers and the local community to address the issue.

We have also met again with the Radyr Road Safety Group and introduced neighbouring developers Barratts and Persimmon to the forum as this is an issue for all those developing locally.

We are also continuing to liaise with Cardiff Council’s Highways department on the timing, plans and recommendations for traffic calming measures and road improvements to Heol Isaf.

As part of these discussions, we have offered to pay forward the £300,000 community contribution earmarked for improvements to Heol Isaf. These contributions, made under a Section 106 agreement, are generated by house sales and so triggered by volume of occupations. This one falls due on the 149th home occupation, which we think will probably be in around a year’s time. We decided to pay it forward in support of the local community’s longstanding concerns about road safety on Heol Isaf.

We continue to monitor deliveries to site every day. Regular updates will be posted here and on our Twitter channel, as usual.