Changes to the Heol Isaf junction along Llantrisant Road are now complete.

The former mini roundabout joining Llantrisant Road to Radyr along Heol Isaf has been removed, and a new, four-way signalised junction has been installed in its place becoming the key gateway into Plasdŵr from the north.

Surrounded by parkland, ponds and trees, this route will eventually lead into residential areas as well as shops, health and leisure facilities being created to serve not only Plasdŵr but also neighbouring communities. A new slip road now runs from Heol Isaf onto Llantrisant Road to help the passage of traffic from Radyr towards Cardiff city centre.

To encourage cycling and the use of public transport, where Plasdŵr meets Llantrisant Road, the carriageway has been widened to create new bus and cycle lanes, as well as pedestrian walkways. When Plasdŵr is complete, three super cycleways will run through the development connecting residents with key routes into the city centre.

The next phase of work along the road will see the existing Clos Parc Radur roundabout on Llantrisant Road being removed and replaced with a four-way, signalised junction. A further, new four-way signalised junction will be created between here and Crofft-Y-Genau Road to the west, known as Ty Gwyn Junction. These junctions will eventually become gateways into Plasdŵr’s future residential developments, as well as shops, facilities and the second of the four planned primary schools.

The final section of work on Llantrisant Road will see the creation of a signalised junction where Crofft-Y-Genau Road (which leads south into St Fagans) meets Llantrisant Road.

As well as the changes to the road layout and appearance, new infrastructure is being installed to service Plasdŵr, which will eventually be a small town with up to 7000 homes created within five neighbourhoods over the next generation. This includes drainage and utilities such as electricity, gas and water.

Wayne Rees, Plasdŵr project director, said: “Llantrisant Road is a major arterial road into our capital city, and anyone who lives in the local area or commutes via here will be aware of the huge changes taking place, and we’re pleased to see the completion of the first junction along this road.

“With the coronavirus pandemic, the past six months have been extremely difficult but with the rise of flexible working across Wales, we hope this new road layout will help support Cardiff Council’s vision for a transport network which supports the city’s growth.”

Plasdŵr will be made up of five neighbourhoods – Groeswen, Maesllech, Cefntrebane, Pendown and Hafod – each with its own individual character inspired by local heritage and the Welsh language. Groeswen will be home to the district centre comprising of shops, offices, health and leisure facilities, pubs and restaurants with four, smaller local centres located across the remaining neighbourhoods. Four new primary schools and a secondary school are also planned for the development.

More information on Plasdŵr can be found here on our website and on Twitter @plasdwr.