Our work with local schools


Over the past few months our Community Liaison Manager, Katie, has been busy meeting with schools in the local communities bordering Plasdŵr, chatting with teachers and children to see how best we can work together now and in the future.

So far, we’ve visited 12 schools in total, for initial chats, site visits and presentations on exactly what Plasdŵr will mean for their community.

Peter Lea Primary School and Radyr Primary School have visited our Parc Plymouth development where pupils had a chance to look around and meet the site team. More visits are planned for next year and Katie will also be taking to the classroom, offering guest lessons on what Plasdŵr is, how it’s been planned and what’s going to be there.

As Plasdŵr takes shape, we’ll continue our work with local primary and secondary schools to create class projects, offer work experience and run internships in different areas of Plasdŵr – from construction and engineering, to planning and design. With this in mind, Katie met with STEM Cymru in October, an organisation aimed at encouraging more young people to think about careers in STEM, to talk about the possibility of creating our own sixth form project under its Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW) initiative.

Katie said: “As Plasdŵr continues to grow, we know young people living in north-west Cardiff will be curious about the development and we want to make sure they have a chance to learn about what we’re doing, why, and what Plasdŵr will mean for them.

“Working with schools – and with STEM Cymru – will also give local people the opportunity to get directly involved. Our aim is to encourage more young people to consider careers in engineering, construction and planning, and even think about working on the development of Plasdŵr themselves when they’re older.”