Plasdŵr design code available to view


Documents detailing how Plasdŵr will look and feel are now available to view on Cardiff Council’s website:

The Design Code and Strategic Green Infrastructure Management Strategy (SGIMS) for Plasdŵr were submitted to Cardiff Council this week. The documents establish clear and coherent design principles, as part of Conditions 18 and 19 of the Plasdŵr masterplan’s Outline Planning Permission, granted in March 2017.

Over the next 15 to 20 years, Plasdŵr will become a community of up to 7000 homes, and will include schools, one main district centre and three smaller local centres home to shops, offices, bars, pubs, restaurants, health and leisure centres.

The documents show nature as the defining characteristic of Plasdŵr with green, open space making up around 40% of the landscape. Green space has been used as an essential placemaking tool to maximise the wellbeing this creates for both residents and the wider community. The plans take their lead from the topography of the 900-acre site bordering Radyr, Fairwater, Pentrebane and St Fagans.

The Design Code provides guidelines for architecture and the landscape in each of its five distinct neighbourhoods, from street layouts, building formations, colour palettes and materials, to walls and hedgerows, planting choices and the protection of wildlife habitats and species.

While the Design Code provides an overview of the key ecological considerations in each neighbourhood, the SGIMS contains more detailed information on the design, establishment, management and monitoring of the green infrastructure for the whole of Plasdŵr.

Our masterplanning team of industry-leading specialists have combined their expertise and experience to produce these in-depth proposals working with Cardiff Council’s planning team. Led by Plasdŵr’s lead developer, Redrow they include Pegasus Urban Design, planning and development specialists, Lichfields; environmental planning and design experts, EDP and infrastructure professionals, Arup.

The Design Code and SGIMS build on the key principles for the development of Plasdŵr, which have previously been set out in the Illustrative Masterplan, Design and Access Statement, Outline Planning Permission and Parameter Assessment Plans.