The cycle city: how improved cycle networks across Cardiff aligns with Plasdŵr’s vision for a sustainable community


In the development of cities over the years, motorised vehicles have traditionally dominated transport links. However, in recent years, Cardiff has seen an increase in those travelling by bicycle, as more people than ever adopt health and sustainability as core elements of their lifestyle.

In a recent poll by routing and navigating platform, Komoot, Cardiff has pipped other major cities to the post to be named as the UK’s best cycling city. This is down to a number of factors, but recently improved cycle routes mean it’s easier than ever to get around Cardiff on a bike.

Since March, and the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, there has been a resurgence of interest in cycling with more people than ever taking up the activity. According to Cardiff Council, use of the city’s Nextbike network had increased significantly during the first lockdown, with over 14,000 new customers.

This demand stimulated the creation of new pop-up cycleways in key locations throughout the city last October, establishing a new transport network enabling people to move around the city by bike safely on some of Cardiff’s busiest routes.

These temporary routes are a starting point for proposals to develop five cycling superhighways across the city over the next 15 years, promoting cycling for all ages and abilities. One of these key cycleways will become a crucial route to connect Plasdŵr and surrounding areas to other locations across the city through an active travel network.

As Plasdŵr takes shape over the next 20+ years, so will its carefully designed network of cycle routes, footpaths, and roads. Three new super cycleways will run through the development linking residents to schools, parks, playing fields and Canol Plasdŵr / Plasdŵr Centre. These cycleways will also connect residents to the neighbouring communities of Plasdŵr and the city centre.

This carefully designed network aligns with Cardiff Council’s vision for 50% of journeys within the city to be made sustainably by 2026. It also presents hope that people will continue their cycling habits in years to come.  With an improvement of cycle routes throughout the city, and with Plasdŵr’s design to make cycling, walking and public transport the easiest ways to get around, this could become the most sustainable option for the healthy community.

For more information on Cardiff Council’s proposals for the cycle superhighways, visit their website:


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