As a greenfield development, we at Plasdŵr are aware of our responsibility to the environment and local communities. This responsibility has been considered, and continues to play an important role, in every phase of our masterplan.

This means we’re not just building houses for people to live in. We’re also factoring in social sustainability, infrastructure, biodiversity, and green space – all of which are crucial elements in creating a strong community. At Plasdŵr, these are the foundations from which we will create a great place to live, work, learn and play.

In recent years, house buyers’ wish lists have expanded from the traditional priorities of location, price and size to include sustainability, a strong community and a ‘sense of place’ – how we perceive, value and interact with our surrounding environment sustainably. This shift in consumer priorities has resulted in housebuilders becoming more conscious of the wider responsibilities that come with developing new areas. As a “garden city for the 21st century”, Plasdŵr will be a sustainable community, providing a high quality of life for its residents now and in the future.

In order to create this community, it’s crucial that new homes are supported by an increase in infrastructure and nearby amenities. Our contractors are working along Llantrisant Road to improve infrastructure and, over time, Plasdŵr will contribute more than £26 million towards local road improvements and bus services. This will benefit not only the residents, but also those living in neighbouring areas. These improvements, along with a carefully designed network of public transport links, align with Cardiff Council’s vision for 50% of journeys within the city to be made sustainably by 2026.

Four primary schools and a secondary school will give thousands of local children and young people access to high-quality education within Plasdŵr. These amenities, as well as the wider development of Plasdŵr, will help create up to 5,000 jobs – from working on site to deliver the homes to working in one of the shops, cafes, or schools. They’ll also ease pressure on other amenities in neighbouring communities and help support the local economy as part of our commitment to developing sustainably.

A number of important habitats exist within the development, and it’s our responsibility to ensure these are protected. As well as creating brick and mortar amenities, careful consideration has also been given to accommodating local wildlife and ecologists have been involved from the earliest planning stages to help us protect biodiversity across the 900-acre site. They advise on every stage of the development to help maintain the landscape character of the area and ensure its best features are protected where possible.

Creating strong communities and strengthening the surrounding areas will be key to ensuring a good quality of live for those who decide to put down roots at Plasdŵr. With Cardiff projected to be one of the largest growing UK cities over the next 20 years, Plasdŵr will support this expansion in a responsible and sustainable way, offering residents a good quality of life and a strong sense of place throughout.