Plasdŵr is being created with a greenfield site, which, while it makes for a beautiful place to live, brings the responsibility as well as the desire to encourage biodiversity and nurture wildlife.

Careful consideration has been given right across the wider development to accommodate wildlife in even the smallest design details. This includes gaps underneath garden fences to allow hedgehogs to pass through, small ladders in drains for newts to climb up and installing ‘hop overs’ with planted islands in the middle of roads making it easier and safer for wildlife to cross.

There are some protected species living on the development, including a small population of great crested newts. Bats living in the area are also protected, so we’re ensuring there’s a network of trees and flight paths and dark corridors in place for them.

Special features such as street trees, wildflower roadside verges, bat and bird boxes, hedgehog passes, swales (drainage features that also double up as wildlife habitats) raingardens, bug hotels and reptile hibernation sites will encourage population growth of new and indigenous species.